Las Vegas Neon Sign

Las Vegas Neon Sign from below (

The Famous Las Vegas Neon Sign

The old neon sign on Las Vegas Blvd has been the sight that welcomes visitors to the city for decades.  It’s now an attraction in its own right and there’s even a small parking area in the middle of the road so you can stop for a photo.  If you want to walk, it’s about 10 minutes further along the strip from the Mandalay Bay.  This is an extract from our free Las Vegas City Guide.

Las Vegas Neon Sign Rear (

The rear of the Las Vegas sign

The sign was erected in 1959 and is 25 feet tall.  The “WELCOME” letters are positioned on neon circles representing silver dollars and the yellow bulbs on the edge of the sign perform a “chasing” routine when lit.  The sign is recognised on the US National Register of Historic Places.  Another option for seeing the sign is to join the Las Vegas Strip Night Tour which starts at the sign with a glass of champagne before continuing down the strip.

Las Vegas Neon Sign night (

The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign at night


Address:  Las Vegas Sign, 5100 Las Vegas Blvd South, Paradise, Nevada, 89119, United States


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