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Prague Mala Strana Kampa Island

This is the area that Charles Bridge takes you to on the opposite side of the river to the Old Town and it’s gorgeous!  Every picturesque cobbled street doesn’t seem to have changed for 100s of years and as a result it’s often used for movies and commercials.  Take advantage of it all and explore as many streets as you can.  There is a central square (Malastranske Namesti) and there are plenty of boutique shops, traditional pubs, restaurants and churches.  One place of worship definitely worth seeing is St Nicholas Church with its large dome and finely decorated interior.  This is an extract from our free Prague City Guide.

Prague Mala Strana St Nicholas
Inside St Nicholas Church, Mala Strana, Prague

Exploring Mala Strana won’t take a long time.  Even if you pop in and out of shops and visit the Church, you can still do it in just a few hours.  Prague is famous for its wooden handicrafts and you’ll find many traditional shops in this area selling them.  It’s a lot less busy than the Old Town Square area of Prague too and if you have lots of energy, there is a path which leads from the rear of the Lesser Town up to Prague Castle.   Mala Strana is used as a location for the Prague Photography Tour.

Prague Mala Strana (


Mala Strana (the Lesser Town) as accessed at Charles Bridge and sits on the west bank of the Vltava River, Prague 1, Czech Republic.
Tram stop: Malostranske Namesti


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