Piazza dei Miracoli

Pisa Piazza dei Miracoli (www.free-city-guides.com)

Piazza Dei Miracoli is a beautiful open plaza housing all the main attractions of Pisa. Here you’ll find the Leaning Tower, Duomo (Cathedral) and Baptistry standing on lush green grass.  The square is surrounded by an ancient city wall and apart from the souvenir shops along the main path, you feel the area hasn’t changed for centuries. There are cobbled paths leading to all the main sights and the Duomo museum is also here along with the Camposanto – a former cemetery now containing recycled Roman stonework. 

Pisa Piazza dei Miracoli shops (www.free-city-guides.com)
One edge of the piazza is lined with tourist shops

Leaning Tower Of Pisa – This is the icon that Pisa is most famous for, and it’s well worth a visit. The tower houses the bells for the cathedral and was started in 1173. Almost immediately it began to lean – in fact the builders were only on the third floor when they noticed it! The tower had quite a few years of closure whilst it was made safe.  Read more…

Pisa Duomo – This is one of the most attractive cathedrals we’ve ever visited! You might be tempted to skip the ticket price for going in and just view it from the outside, but don’t.  The painted walls and ceilings are just stunning and there’s a Venetian feel to the little columns near windows. The pulpit, which dates back to 1302, has to be seen to be believed too.  Read more…

Baptistry – This is Italy’s largest Baptistry and it was founded in 1152.  The whole town was involved in the construction of the building and inside you’ll see the font where many people in Pisa were consecrated as Christians. Read more…

Camposanto – A four sided cloister which has a marble facade to match the other buildings in the square.  It’s a place “conceived for the burial of the dead and the instruction of the living” and inside you’ll find a series of frescoes.

Museums – The Opera Museum and Sinopie Museum make up the final attractions in Piazza Dei Miracoli.  Combination tickets are available so you can visit everything except the tower for 10 Euros (2011 prices)

Tickets for all the attractions in the Piazza can be bought from either of two dedicated ticket offices run by Opera Della Primaziale Pisana.  The main office is located in the building to the right in the above picture – the entrance is under the clock.  The other office is near to the leaning tower.  Both are well signed. Fancy visiting the Piazza dei Miracoli by Segway? You can on the Pisa Cathedral & Leaning Tower Tickets which gets great reviews.

Pisa Piazza dei Miracoli at dusk (www.free-city-guides.com)
Piazza dei Miracoli at dusk


We walked here from the Pisa Centrale station which takes around half an hour, but there are plenty of busses you can take instead.  Numbers 1, 3 or 11 all take you there. See below for more on the individual highlights in the piazza. 

Address: Opera Della Primaziale Pisana, Piazza Duomo, 17 Pisa
Tel: +39 050 835011
Email: info@opapisa.it

Busses 1, 3 or 11 will get you to the piazza dei Miracoli from Pisa Centrale station.


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