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Is Alton Towers COVID safe?

Over the years we have been regular visitors to Alton Towers but we thought it would be interesting to see ...
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Buying Currency

Whenever you need to exchange your currency for foreign notes, there's usually a charge involved. This is our guide to ...
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Tipping Advice

Everywhere around the world has a slightly different approach to leaving tips and gratuities for people who serve you. The ...
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Istanbul Boutique St Sophia Hotel Room

Hotel Booking Tips

One of the biggest costs of your holiday will be the hotel you choose to stay in. As seasoned city-breakers, ...
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Istanbul Hagia Sophia With Fountains

Is Istanbul Safe?

2016 was a terrible year for terrorist attacks in Istanbul, but it was also the year we chose to visit ...
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Las Vegas Blackjack

Gambling In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and if you're going to play the tables, here are our ...
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Hong Kong Victoria Peak Skyline Day

Who Are We?

Hi! Welcome to I'm Kelly and my other half (and official photographer) is Andy. We are a couple, both ...
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