Union Square

New York Union Square

Union Square in New York is a public space where art and good food combine. It was originally a home for political protest, but art and leisure have taken over as the big pass time here now. It’s normal to find artist stalls like the one below on the side walks around the edge of the square, but it’s also now increasingly common to find art exhibitions too, like the sculpture exhibition in some of these photos.

New York Union Square Art Stall

The good food aspect at Union Square comes from the various restaurants which surround the plaza but also from a popular farmer’s Market which is held Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between 8am and 6pm. Expect these days to be busy, but there’s a great atmosphere too.

New York Union Square Crowds

At the north end of the square, look out for the renovated pavilion. Other highlights around the area include the kinetic wall sculpture and digital clock at One Union Square, the outdoor chess games and the historic statue of George Washington on horseback.

New York Union Square Statue

This statue is the centre piece of the square and dates back to 1856. It towers over the plaza, although some of the trees have now grown taller than it.


Union Square is between Park Ave and Broadway at 14th Street and it has it’s own subway stop too.


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