Rialto Bridge

Venice Rialto Bridge from Canal Bank

The area around the bridge is really the “heart” of Venice with the Grand Canal running through it.  The bridge itself is a familiar landmark, but it’s much nicer to look at than to actually be on.  Although you get a nice view of the canal, the bridge is often so packed that it’s difficult to walk over.  This is an extract from our free Venice City Guide.

Venice Rialto Bridge close
The stonework on the Rialto Bridge, Venice

There has been a bridge across the Grand Canal at this point since the 1100s, but this stone bridge was completed in 1591. The arches on each side actually contain cramped shop units selling accesories, souveniers and crafts, but when the shops are open, the bridge is more difficult to cross.  There is a market on the east side of the Rialto Bridge which is pleasant to walk around too.  This is a sight in Venice that you have to see, and when you’re standing on the bridge you do feel part of the history of the place.  Just try not to let the crowds of people put you off!  Don’t worry to much about the best way to get to the bridge as you’ll find little signs on many of the nearby street corners pointing the way.  Rialto Bridge is featured in the Venice Highlights Tour which gets great reviews.

Venice Rialto Bridge B&W (www.free-city-guides.com)
The Rialto Bridge taken from a Vaporetto


Address: Rialto Bridge (Ponte Di Rialto), 31024 Venice, Italy


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