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Boston Freedom Trail line

Boston Freedom trail is is 2.5 miles long and takes you around the various historic sights in Boston which are symbols of the fight for American independence. Everywhere you walk in Boston city centre, you can’t miss the trail as it is marked out in the sidewalk by line of red bricks. There are 16 places along the trail in total, each with a story to tell. They include churches, meeting houses, burial grounds, parks and a ship. We’d recommend taking the Freedom Trail Guided Walk to get the best out of the experience, but if you decide to follow the trail on your own, it will take you at least half a day. You can do different bits on different days to make it more manageable. 

Boston New State House

At the Visitor Information Centre on Boston Common, you can pick up maps, and leaflets explaining the sights you’ll see on the trail. This is the full list of stops along the freedom trail…

  1. Boston Common – America’s oldest public park covering 44 acres and a place for public hangings is the official start of the Freedom Trail.
  2. Massachusetts State House – Built in 1798, it’s the oldest building on Beacon Hill and was constructed on John Hancock’s cow pasture! (pictured at the top of the page)
  3. Park Street Church – The congregational church which hosted some of the most impassioned protests against slavery.
  4. Granary Burying Ground – The resting place of most of Boston’s most famous sons including Paul Revere.
  5. King’s Chapel – One of the finest examples of Georgian church architecture in America, despite the fact that the steeple was never  added.
  6. King’s Chapel Burying Ground – This burial ground is as old as Boston itself and includes the grave of the first woman to set foot on the Mayflower.
  7. Benjamin Franklin statue and former site of the first public school, Boston Latin School  – The Latin School is Americas oldest public school attended by Benjamin Franklin.
  8. Old Corner Bookstore – Originally an apothecary before it became a prominent printing house and book store.
  9. Old South Meeting House – This meeting house was the stage for some of the most dramatic events leading up to the American Revolution.
  10. Old State House – The original British Government seat which became the first State House after the revolution.  See our special page all about the Old State House.
  11. Site of the Boston Massacre – At the front of the Old State House is the marker showing where tensions on both sides led to five deaths.
  12. Faneuil Hall – The upstairs meeting room here is where some of the most important revolutionary discussions began.
  13. Paul Revere House – The oldest building in downtown Boston is the former home of Paul Revere.
  14. Old North Church – This place of worship opened in 1723 and is the oldest standing church in Boston.
  15. Copp’s Hill Burying Ground – Dating from 1659, Copp’s Hill was Boston’s largest colonial burying ground.
  16. Bunker Hill Monument – Marking a notable battle against the British which left them with significant casualties.
  17. USS Constitution – Known as “Old Ironsides”, she’s the oldest commissioned warship afloat.
Boston USS Constitution sunshine

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The start location for the trail and home of the Information Centre is Boston Common.  The trail is maintained and promoted by the Freedom Trail Foundation.

Address: Freedom Trail Foundation, 99 Chauncy Street, suite 401, Boston, MA 02111
Tel: +1 617 357 8300


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