Lascaris War Rooms

The Lascaris War Rooms were key to Malta’s defence During WW2. Malta was a strategically important island for the allies, situated off the coast of Sicily and close to the Nazi forces in Africa. The protection of the island was co-ordinated from this HQ because of its location deep underground. Valletta’s incredible rocky foundations have been chiselled out to create secret passageways and a series of rooms. You can visit the passageways for free by accessing them either from the bus station or the stairs near the Saluting Battery at Upper Barrakka Gardens. However, you will need to pay the entrance fee to visit the war rooms themselves.

You will be offered an audio guide included with your entry fee, however, we found it a little long-winded and preferred the information boards in each room. If you can catch one of the free guided tours though, we’d recommend them. We joined one half way through and the guide really brought the rooms to life.

After an initial room full of displays which set out the background to the war years, you can proceed into the main war rooms themselves. They have all be re-created to look the way they were during WW2 and each one has a different function. Above is fighter control, where all fighter aircraft were accurately plotted and below is the map room where the invasion of Sicily was co-ordinated.

As your tour continues, you will learn about the aerial bombardment of Valletta, the fight for survival as supplies failed to get through and the eventual huge operation to re-stock the islands with aid. You’ll also see how these rooms were used to co-ordinate air defences. Communication was key and the Lascaris War Rooms were in constant contact with the lookout posts around Malta including the main one on the roof of Fort Saint Elmo in Valletta.

We were impressed with how the rooms have been laid out. When the British stopped using the HQ in 1977, they took anything of value with them and most of what you see today has had to be sourced from elsewhere to give you the feel of wartime. The two-story rooms certainly have the most impact, but even the detail in some of the offices, staffed originally by officers co-ordinating the rooms operations is superb as you can see below.

The Lascaris War Rooms are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4.30pm. Adult Admission is 14 Euros when bought in advance (2024 prices). There are discounts for children and a family ticket available too.


Address: Lascaris War Rooms, Lascaris Ditch, Valletta, Malta
Contact: +356 21800992

The Lascaris War Rooms are hidden away underground, but you can follow the brown tourist signs from the bus station or take the stairs next to the Saluting Battery entrance near Upper Barrakka Gardens.


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