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Las Vegas is a city where you can spend a lot of money, but it’s also a city which offers lots of attractions for free. Here is the list of the top 10 things to do in Las Vegas for free…

Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains at night with Paris (

1.  Bellagio Fountains – There’s absolutely no doubt that these fountains are the best free show in Vegas!  It never ceases to amaze us just how expressive the various jets of water can be, not to mention how hich the water is propelled as times.  The fountains perform to a different song every 15 minutes at night.
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Las Vegas Freemont Street American Pie show (

2.  Fremont Street Experience – Away from the modern hotels, Las Vegas has made a huge effort to attract tourists back to the old “Downtown” area where you’ll find hotels like the Golden Nugget.  All the streets here are closed off and they’ve constructed a roof on which light and picture shows are shown.  You’ll also see some of the old neon signs dotted around as exhibits in the Las Vegas Neon Museum.  To get downtown, hop on the busses that run up and down the strip or for a quicker journey, hail a cab.
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Las Vegas Mirage Volcano Eruption 2010 (

3.  The Mirage Volcano – The volcano outside the hotel “erupts” with fire, water and light every night on the hour from 8pm.  It’s well worth seeing and the show lasts around 5 minutes.  The eruption is set to dramatic music and crowds start to gather along the hotel railings about 10 minutes before each hour.
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Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

4.  The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat – Head to the rear of the Flamingo hotel and you’ll find a small wildlife garden with exotic fish, birds and turtles. It’s described by the hotel as a ‘serene paradise’ and it certainly has a relaxed and calming atmosphere. The highlight is the Chilean Flamingos which have their own mini island, but you also see ducks, swans and a couple of new additions in the shape of two pelicans.
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Las Vegas Bellagio Indoor Garden 2010 (

5.  The Bellagio Indoor Garden –  Inside the Bellagio Hotel near to main reception you’ll find the most extravagent indoor garden we have even seen.  There are so many flowers here that you can’t believe they grow so well indoors.   A team of gardeners look after the garden and the displays are changed each season.
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Las Vegas Neon Sign from below (

6.  The Las Vegas Neon Sign – The old neon sign on Las Vegas Blvd has been the sight that welcomes visitors to the city for decades.  It’s now an attraction in its own right and there’s even a small parking area in the middle of the road so you can stop for a photo.  If you want to walk, it’s about 10 minutes further along the strip from the Mandalay Bay.
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Las Vegas Venetian indoor canal

7.  The waterways of the Venetian – Outside this hotel are all the sights of Venice crammed into the frontage along the strip.  You’ll find re-creations of the Rialto Bridge, the Campanile and the Doge’s Palace, along with mini canals and gondolas.  Inside the hotel shopping centre there’s a recreation of the Grand Canal with more gondolas and a mini St Mark’s Square.  Seeing all these sights is free, but you do have to pay to ride the gondolas.
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Las Vegas Aria tram (

8.  Ride the City Center Tram – This is one of the newest developments in Las Vegas opposite Planet Hollywood on the strip.  You can ride the “City Center Tram” which goes past the front of the building for free right from the Bellagio at one end to the Monte Carlo Hotel on the other.
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Las Vegas Bellagio Chocolate Fountain

9. The World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain – This fountain stretches from floor to ceiling inside the hotel near to the Patisserie and includes 3 different coloured chocolates which flow around 500 feet of pipes. If you were to put all the chocolate in this fountain onto the scales it would weigh around 2100 pounds. You’d really love to dip some fruit into it, but sadly it’s all encased in glass. Definitely worth seeing though.
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Las Vegas Circus Circus Sign

10.  The Circus Show at Circus Circus – This hotel is one of the older ones further down the strip, but inside you can catch the daily 10 minute free circus trapeze shows.  It’s claimed to be the world’s largest permanent circus and you’ll find it at the Carnival Midway, slightly above the casino floor.  The shows start at 11am and there are a range of performers who appear throughout the day.  If there’s nothing happening when you first arrive, it won’t be long before the start of the next show.
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