Beyond Paris

Paris is a great base to start your exploration of more of France. There are several notable locations within easy reach of Paris by train or road that you may wish to visit. Here’s our guide to a few of them…

Paris Disney Hotel New

Disneyland Paris – It takes about an hour on the RER to Disneyland and it’s a great way to spend a day if you have one to spare on your trip to Paris. There are two Disney parks, a version of the Magic Kingdom and the Disney Studios along with a ‘village’ area for dining and entertainment. Two things to bear in mind, firstly it’s best to book tickets in advance rather than pay on the entrance gate and secondly, if you want to stay overnight to get the most out of both parks, the Disney hotels will cost you a fortune. Try one of the hotels on the site that aren’t Disney to get the best deals. We stayed at the Dream Castle family hotel and it was much better value and had much more modern facilities. From Paris take the Red RER A route to Marne la Vallee.
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Paris Versailles Chandeliers New

The Palace of Versailles – This is the largest palace in Europe with 700 rooms and it celebrates the pinnacle of the spending of the French Royals. There’s gold everywhere, inside and out and pretty much every ceiling is beautifully painted. It’s not just the main palace that’s huge either as the grounds stretch to around 2000 acres and there are further palaces set inside the parkland, like the one that was the home of Marie Antoinette. The whole place is beautiful and well worth the 35 minute trip from Paris, although it does get very bust at peak times. To get there, take the Yellow RER C route exiting at Versailles-Rive Gauche.
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Paris Monet's House Giverny

Monet’s Garden – At Giverny is the former home of impressionist painter Claude Monet and nearby are the gardens at which he painted his famous water lilies. Half a million visitors a year now come here to feel inspired as he was and the whole area is lovely. To get here, take the train from the Saint-Lazare station in Paris (which Monet painted) to Vernon and then the connecting shuttle bus ride to Giverny.