Pacific Heights

San Francisco pacific heights houses

This area is dominated by lovely Victorian painted houses (often referred to as Painted Ladies) which are pictured above. We just took a walk around some of the streets to see them. You’ll find parks along the way and some great views of the bay too. The most famous houses are in the Alamo Square area. This is an extract from our free San Francisco City Guide.

San Francisco Pacific Heights Stairs View (
The view from one of the stairways in the Pacific Heights area, San Francisco

Pacific Heights is generally a wealthy area, situated on a ridge that rises sharply from the Marina District and the highest points are around 370 feet above sea level. The most scenic areas are along the streets of Jackson, Pacific, and Broadway. Some of the area is also known as Lower Heights. There are two parks in Pacific Heights and both are worth a visit for some terrific views of the bay. Lafayette Park was our favourite but you also won’t want to miss Alta Plaza Park. As you wander around the heights, you’ll notice the affluance of the area with private schools and the boutique shops of Filmore Street.

San Francisco Pacific heights view
The view of the bay from Pacific Heights, San Francisco


Pacific Heights runs along the highest points from the Marina District to the Nob Hill area of the City. The map below shows Lafayette Park:


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