The University Colleges, Oxford

Oxford Bridge of Sighs Hertford College (

The ‘Bridge of Sighs’ at Hertford College, Oxford

Oxford University is made up of 38 separate colleges which all operate independently and have mini campuses all over the city centre. Some of the colleges date back to the 1500s and quite a few are open to the public. Most of the colleges have a similar layout to each other consisting of an entrance gate house, leading to a lawned quadrangle surrounded by buildings housing residential accommodation for the students, offices for the staff, a chapel and a dining hall. There are two colleges we’d particularly recommend visiting. The first is Christ Church which is the largest college, has a dining hall which was the inspiration for the hall at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies and its chapel is Oxford Cathedral. The second is New College which has beautiful gardens containing the old Oxford city wall, a historic chapel, an attractive dining hall and cloisters which were used for a memorable scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. You can also admire many of the collages without going inside, so walk under the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ at Hertford College and peep through the metal gates of Trinity College to get a good view of the gardens. This is an extract from our free Oxford City Guide.

Oxford Christ Church Dining Room Hogwarts Hall (

The dining hall at Christ Church college, Oxford

The busiest college for visitors is Christ Church which is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4.30pm and Sundays from 2pm to 4.30pm. It’s also the most expensive at £8.50 for adults (2013 prices) in peak season. You enter via the beautiful Christ Church meadow which is free to visit during daylight hours and offers a lovely view of the river and Oxford. Follow the signs after you’ve paid you entrance fee and you’ll arrive at a small cloisters area surrounding a water feature. The next location is the stairway to the dining hall mentioned above. It tends to be quite cramped in the hall as there are usually some group visits there too, but you get a sense of the size of the place and what it must be like when the benches are occupied at meal times. Next you get to see the quadrangle which is the largest one at Oxford’s colleges, before a trip inside Oxford Cathedral. The church is lovely and if you don’t want to pay to visit, you can come to a service instead. Finally, you exit via a path which takes you past the rest of the colleges buildings.

Oxford New College Quadrangle (

The quadrangle at New College, Oxford

As mentioned above, if you only have chance to visit one college in Oxford, we’d recommend New College. The entrance for summer opening (Easter to October) is on the picturesque New College Lane which starts with the ‘Bridge of Sighs’. Adult admission is £3 (2013 prices) and for us, this college sums up Oxford. Firstly, you’ll be wowed by the quadrangle which is very attractive, but the next stop is the cloisters, complete with an ancient Oak tree, which were used as a Harry Potter movie location when Mad-Eyed Moody turns Malfoy into a ferret. The area is instantly recognisable and we just sat on the benches and relaxed. The chapel is the next stop and there’s plenty to see, before a trip to the dining hall. Lastly you get to wander around the college gardens which are large and are bordered by some of the only bits of remaining Oxford city wall. The college is open 11am to 5pm (Easter to October, via New College Lane gates). The college also opens from October to Easter for a few hours in the afternoon – 2pm to 4pm via Holywell Street gates.

Oxford Exeter College Quadrangle (

Exter College, Oxford

Another college we liked was Exeter College, which was part of the University & City Walking Tour. Once again, the layout is similar to the others with a grassed lawn surrounded by a quadrangle including the dining hall and chapel. The dining hall here is like a mini-version of the one at Christ Church and the chapel is very pretty inside with very tall windows based on Saint Chapelle in Paris. This is also the college where Inspector Morse dies in the British TV series after a musical performance in the chapel. If you’re not on the walking tour, the college is open to visitors daily from 2pm to 5pm and admission is free.

Most of the Oxford University colleges allow visitors at certain times of the day and many are free or have only a small admission charge. There’s a full list on the Oxford University website linked below.


The 38 colleges are spread all around the city centre of Oxford. This map shows Christ Church, the biggest and most-visited college, but you can move it around and zoom in or out to see the location of the others:


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