Tipping Advice

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Everywhere around the world has a slightly different approach to leaving tips and gratuities for people who serve you. The types of people you tip also varies from place to place. This is our guide to tipping around the world – just choose where you’re going from the categories below:

Tipping in the USA – The USA has always had a culture of tipping people who serve you. Here’s our guide to who you should tip, how much you should tip and where to leave that tip.

Tipping in the UK – In the UK, tipping is very much optional but there are a number of things to bear in mind when people serve you and leaving a gratuity is becoming much more common place than it used to be to recognise good service.

Tipping in Europe – Generally tipping in most European countries is a small added extra to the bill which is appreciated by the server, but is not expected to be a large sum like it is in the USA.